In this video episode from Palisades Gold Radio, host Tom Bodrovics and Rick Rule discuss the ESG movement in regards to the mining sector … Rick believes that ESG is a essentially cover for socialism and central government authority, but he also believes that reducing carbon emissions is a good thing.

Rick argues that the efficient utilization of resources by human-kind should be viewed in the context of ESG, and the efficient production and use of energy, mining, and food production should be the focus rather than imposing centrally controlled ideas … Rick argues against centralized control and mentions Mao’s Great Leap Forward and the Mexican Government’s failure to turn Mexico into a net importer of hydrocarbon products as examples of negative outcomes from socialism.

Rick discusses governance and diversity in the context of market-based order … believing that a level playing field is all that minority groups need to thrive in the market-based order, and inclusion of minority groups in companies is not only a form of redress but also an investment in society’s best current interests.

This conversation on ESG regulations goes on to cover a wide range of ESG affected topics such as; financial markets, political groups & politics, 3rd world countries, free markets, restrictions, technology, food, living standards, socialism, environmental stewardship, and more … generally speaking; ESG is a very wide ranging and complex topic.

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