Anger is escalating as Gold Miners in Ghana remain trapped under-ground without food or water for over a week … confrontations between locals and security forces are intensifying, while worried family members anxiously await the safe return of their loved ones.

Although some miners have managed to escape, they’ve been arrested by the police, who accuse them of illegal mining …. the exact number of remaining trapped miners is unknown, and it is uncertain whether they are hiding from authorities … survivors reveal that they had to come closer to the entrance for air, but were subsequently arrested upon surfacing.

The Miners say they were forced to drink chemically polluted water due to the lack of provisions … the situation has fueled existing grievances within the community, as residents say they feel exploited by companies like Anglo Gold, the mine’s owner … the community claims their land has been taken away, leaving them with no space for farming or burying their dead.

Faced with dire circumstances, the Miners vow to fight for their rights and survival … Anglo Gold acknowledges the reports but maintains that the miners are free to leave whenever they choose … Ghana’s mining industry employs around 1 million people, many of whom work illegally … the miners’ families emphasize the need for a compromise, asserting that miners should not be forced to decide between being trapped underground or facing imprisonment on the surface.

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