Parker Schnabel, the young mine boss from the Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” television series, has signed a production royalty agreement with Metallic Minerals Corporation (TSXV: MMG) for their Placer Gold claims in Canada’s Yukon Territory’s Klondike Gold District … the agreement covers approximately 12 kilometers of Metallic’s Australia Creek Placer Gold claims, which have never been mined before … Metallic Minerals will receive a production royalty percentage, while Parker’s Little Flake Mining will be given exclusive authorization to extract gold from the Australia Creek site.

The partnership is mutually beneficial, with Parker gaining exclusive rights to extract gold from the Australia Creek property, and Metallic Minerals gaining a production royalty percentage … the agreement requires Little Flake and Parker to carry out a minimum annual work commitment of $1 million and pay Metallic Minerals an annual advance royalty, plus a variable royalty on all gold production … the agreement took effect immediately, and production is expected to commence in June 2023 … rumor has it that Parker is already test drilling the claim.

There are concerns among Gold Rush fans that Parker may be moving away from “Gold Rush” due to his success and potential for a spin-off series … the current season of “Gold Rush” has sparked a lot of discussion among fans, also in regards to Fred Lewis’ difficulties in getting work done at his sites, while Parker has emerged as the most successful miner outside Tony Beets.

Some fans have raised concerns that Parker’s level of success may eventually lead him to move away from “Gold Rush” and become a corporate mining company, which some speculate wouldn’t be exciting to watch in the traditional “Gold Rush” style … despite this, fans should prepare for a stunning twists in season 14, as Parker faces new challenges and obstacles.

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