In this video episode from Pioneer Pauly, the plan was to Gold pan random spots on one of Pauly’s BC Gold claims, to get an idea of where the best Gold would be hiding … a big part of gold prospecting is testing and a lot of time can be dedicated testing the ground.

Pauly explains that the key to finding gold is to test a bunch of different spots until you find the one that’s hiding the most gold … he also talks about how he likes the consistency of the gold and decides to move to a different spot to see if he can find even better spots … he also shows off a brush that he uses to clean out the crevices and mentions that he’ll be selling them on his website soon.

Paulie and Bailey both work on crevicing and Bailey finds a tiny piece of gold, but Paulie has a harder time finding anything. He does a test in an ugly spot with big chunks of bedrock and doesn’t find much gold … he then moves to another spot on the bedrock where he found fine gold previously and digs a little hole, finding some material that is worth checking out.

Overall, the video showcases the process of crevicing for gold and the importance of testing different spots to find the best results … Paulie also mentions some tools he finds useful and provides tips for those looking to get into gold panning.

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