In this video episode from Palisades Gold Radio, Tom Bodrovics interviews Jeff Clark, the founder of and author of the book Paydirt … Jeff discusses guidelines for investing in gold and silver mining stocks, and also stresses the importance of owning physical gold as a hedge against market volatility.

Jeff highlights the potential for outsized gains in the junior mining sector, like what happened during the strong rally in Gold stocks during 2016 … Jeff advises investors to prepare for the upcoming cycle by diversifying their portfolio by owning physical gold and silver, investing in mining stocks, and keeping some cash on hand.

Jeff also emphasizes the importance of geologists in the mining industry … and offers specific strategies for identifying potential winners and reducing risks … the interview also touches upon the timing and mining cycle in the metal industry, the Lassonde Curve, and the risks associated with royalty and streaming companies … Jeff also warns against bad jurisdictions, bad share structures of companies, and ETF’s as deal-breakers in the world of gold investing.

Jeff also discusses the investment potential for Silver, and it’s the role in various industries, including its use in solar panels and the nuclear industry.

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