In this video episode from the Liberty and Finance channel, Elijah K Johnson interviews Tavi Costa of Crescat Capital, where Tavi makes the case that the current economic environment is shifting to one where the Gold price may outperform the general stock markets as a trend … Tavi discusses the recent banking problems across the globe that are somewhat tied to interest rates & the US treasury market … and how the decline in equity markets has also led to a decline in stock portfolios recently, which may be causing unintended consequences in other parts of the market.

Tavi also notes the Federal Reserve has huge losses that need to be covered … and banking problems have spilled over to other banks, which was not anticipated by many people in the market … Tavi believes that the increase in interest rates, which is linked to the banks, is at the heart of the current banking crisis.

In regards to the pressing debt ceiling debate; every time the ceiling for the debt limit is reached, an agreement between the Democratic party and the Republicans is reached … Tavi says that in the past, it was an irrelevant part of markets, but currently, for different reasons, it is relevant… this is an issue as the government has run a deficit for many decades, and the current amount of cash doesn’t cover much moving forward … Tavi believes there will be an agreement between the two parties which allow the extension of the debt.

Tavi goes on to discuss a number of current economic issues in this interview, with topics ranging from the Federal Reserve, interest rates, inflation, banking crisis, treasuries, and other things effecting the financial, Gold & Silver markets.

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