In this video from 121 Mining Investments, speaker Jeff Clark of the discusses the current dynamics of the current & future gold mine supply … with a focus on the outlook for gold and silver in 2023, including global gold demand, & gold versus gold stocks, as well as, the size of the gold and silver equity markets.

Jeff also discusses how the Gold miners are addressing resource shortages and highlights companies that are most likely to capitalize on these trends … Jeff uses charts to illustrate their points, such as the rising and falling gold prices in response to changes in the US dollar and the Federal Reserve’s policies.

Jeff also notes that central bank buying of gold was the highest ever recorded last year, while global gold demand matched 2011 levels.

Jeff emphasizes the small size of the gold and silver equity markets compared to other industries and how gold stocks can provide leverage when gold prices spike …. Jeff also recommends several potentially undervalued companies that are present at the conference, including America Pacific Mining, P2 Gold, and Scotty Resources.

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