On this episode from the Jay Martin channel, Jay welcomes Jeff Clark of TheGoldAdvisor.com as a guest … Jeff gives nine stock picks in the junior mining sector.

Jeff explains how two catalysts could significantly increase the price of gold in the near term … the first catalyst relies on the Federal Reserve lowering rates, which Jeff predicts will happen before the year is over … the second catalyst is the sustainability of the monetary system, which Jeff says is unsustainable due to the debt and interest payments on the debt … Jeff also expects de-dollarization to continue.

Jeff predicts that the gold and silver prices will experience a boom, and the mining stocks will explode … however, Jeff also notes that the gold equities have been unloved so far, but the cycle is expected to flow down to mining stocks soon … Jeff suggests that the choice of investment depends on the individual investor and their risk tolerance, and says that buying a low-risk royalty play like Wheaton may be a safer option for investors.

Jeff mentions some of his top mining stock picks, including P2 Gold, Scottie Resource Corp, Summa Silver, Westward Gold, Heliostar, and more … highlighting each company’s potential, and shares his insight into their growth prospects.

Jay also asks Jeff about how he combats emotions when investing and how to stick to an investment strategy.

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